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File submission

Files can be submitted to our prepress department a few different ways.

You can submit your project files via email, digital media (flash drive, SD, etc), or dropbox by request.

If sending by email, ensure the file size is not larger than 10mb. Larger files can be submitted via our FTP site.

Page makeup and illustration programs

Acrobat PDF (high resolution only)
MS Excel (1 color only)
MS Word

All documents should include a minimum of 1/8" bleed. Lines should be no less than 0.3 PT


Must be press ready. Imaged 300dpi and linear 800 or higher. 

All fonts should be embedded. 

4 color enriched blacks

Any black areas larger than .5" x .5" should be made 4 color (40% cyan, 30% magenta, 30% yellow, 100% black)


Any art placed on a document should be saved in a high resolution format

Avoid JPEG, PICT, CT, etc

When saving in EPS format please avoid saving with JPEG encoding

Black and white art should be saved as grayscale, and line art should be saved as BITMAPPED

Supporting art should be included.

This includes art placed inside another program such as Adobe illustrator. 

Photos should be 300 DPI

Line art/vector imaged should be at least 800 DPI

Varnishes or
Aqueous coating

Please specify spot or all over.


Submit all fonts (both screen and printer fonts) used in the document.

Need help submitting your files or have a question?

Contact Rich or Craig in our prepress department. 


Rich: | Phone: 856-853-2800 ext. 107

Craig: | Phone: 856-853-2800  ext. 108

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